Published by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, the list takes into account factors such as average life expectancy, personal freedom, public trust, GDP per capita income of the people of the country. Check hotels on our website - from hundreds of unique hotels you will surely find the ones that won't leave you indifferent! Happiness here doesn’t just signify the financial growth and prosperity of a nation but also the everyday conduct and attitude of the common people residing there. More: 20 Most Peaceful Countries in the World 2016. New Zealand and Australia have always been at loggerheads when deciding the better of the two nations. The World Happiness Report for 2017 was recently released, giving the world some insight as to where their country is ranked in smiles.. Before the grand unveil, I wanted to simply say that happiness, as shown by the results of this study and the years before it, is not the lump sum of how much money you have in your hand but an intermingling of social, emotional, and health-based components. Once you get to the more rural areas of the country, crime is almost nonexistent: Finland was named the safest country in the world according to a 2017 World Economic Forum report. Finland is the happiest country in the world, followed by Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, and Norway. Have you ever wondered which country is the happiest? Norway has claimed the top spot as the happiest country on Earth, unseating Scandinavian neighbor Denmark, the World Happiness Report found. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The United States drops one spot to No. Today, the U.N. launches its next iteration of its "World Happiness Report." The World Happiness Report 2017 is a landmark survey of the state of global happiness. The country is not just known for its chocolates, cheese, and watches but also the cultural diversity and communal harmony of the people living there. My Chicago Experience: Where to Go and What to Exp... 5 Most Exciting Hiking Spots in Hong Kong, 20 Most Peaceful Countries in the World 2016. HotelYouWant - the Most Unique, Exclusive and Unusual Hotels of the World. All rights reserved. Travelers from all over the world flock to the country to see the Mystic Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. Here is the list of the World’s Happiest Countries. While Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland and Norway bagged the first four spots in the list of world’s happiest, countries like Burundi, Syria, Togo and Afghanistan were deemed to be the least happy nations by the UN. The tradition of Fika or “break time” further strengthens the communal harmony as people meet over coffee shops to discuss news, politics and other interesting titbits. The Swedish also love coffee and the little moments surrounding it, called fika. Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World. The United States ranks as the 18th happiest country in the world, behind 12 countries in Western Europe, as well as Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Israel, and New Zealand. According to the World Happiness Report, Norway edges out Denmark as World's Happiest Country in 2017. Even China is a case of reversed growth when it comes to creating a happy atmosphere for its people. 10) Luxembourg Happiest Country – Luxembourg. Well, we were curious, so we did. The United Nations was very curious to know the answer to this question, and has ranked no less than 155 countries in its World Happiness Report. In the 2017 happiness report, Norway was the happiest country in the world. The average life expectancy of the nation in 80 years! Many people can quickly identify Denmark, Norway and Switzerland as among the happiest countries. Set in Scandinavia, the country is a treat for the senses and is frequented by tourists from all over. The country is the third largest consumer of coffee and is a dream destination for caffeine lovers. Popularized by previous reports, these happiness rankings have become world famous. What people don't know is how happiness is measured and why it's so important to track. 14. Happiness is both simple and extremely complicated. It also one of the top countries in the prosperity index. The United States dropped one spot from last year, now ranking as the 14 th happiest country worldwide. Finland is the happiest country in the world, according to the latest World Happiness Report. Consider a Visit to the Happiest Country in the World. Each year, a United Nations service compiles a list of the happiest countries in the world, and this year is no different. Again, the answer lies in what I said previously: happiness is not directly correlated to how well of you are in finances. With a population of around 600,000 Luxembourg, a country in Europe occupies 10 th position in Happiness report where this small country offers a high salary and strong social security which helps its citizens after their retirement. The aim of the World Happiness Report is to encourage and promote the countries that display the most tolerant and efficient of societies. It is the sixth largest country in the world by area and has low pollution levels, tight-knit local communities, and robust civic engagement. In 1893, this was the first nation in the world to have universal suffrage. Denmark ranks highly on all the main factors found to support happiness: caring, freedom, generosity, honesty, health, income and good governance, and comes in second to Norway in this year's World Happiness Report. Lofoten Islands in Norway, 2017’s happiest country in the world. Also dubbed as paradise on earth and rightfully so, the country also has a powerful socio-economic framework that supports personal well-being and rights of its citizens. March 20, 2017. Standing in the fifth position, Finland is famous for its winter sports but also a visual delight for traveler during the summer months. Norway: THE HAPPIEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD 2017 – love4universe 10.09.2018 Good evening Toastmasters members and guests I remember the day …  it’s March 20th 2017, It is 7 am in the morning, the new is on and I am sitting on the end of my friends bed as she is in the bathroom getting ready to drive me to the airport. Denmark tops happiest country in the world 2017. What does it mean for you - a dream hotel? Historian Finn Erhard Johannessen at the University of Oslo believes Norwegians are the happiest because the standard of living has been raised to a level where we can allow ourselves to relax. Other than that this small country is also known to house some of the nicest people in the world. Peppered with fjords, hills and deep valleys, the country is among the most peaceful nations of the world. The World Happiness Report for 2017 was recently released, giving the world some insight as to where their country is ranked in smiles. Give a man a home and family, and he will be happy for life. # Norway tops the global happiness rankings for 2017 Norway has jumped from 4th place in 2016 to 1st place this year, followed by Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland in a tightly packed bunch. Colonials and Aboriginals now work together to preserve the history of both peoples, while staying eco-friendly throughout the country’s growth. India, on the other hand, ranks 122 because of its communal violence, ever growing corruption and lack of personal freedom and rise in prejudices. Norway is now the World’s happiest country. The Finnish saunas are a revered custom of the country and have warmed the hearts of the people as well. This is also evident when studying the methodology used for the United Nations World Happiness Report to find out the Happiest country in the World. It is also the freedom, facilities and political power. Homicide is low, and universal hospital access is free. @ 2018 Copyright by HotelYouWant. Norway named the world's happiest country in 2017. Norway, last year's … Set in Scandinavia, the country is a treat for the senses and is frequented by tourists from all over. New Zealand was also one of the first places in the world to have its three governing positions held by women. These are the ten happiest countries in the world in 2019. The harsh and cold climate of Iceland is compensated by the warm hearts of the people here. (CNN) — Reindeer jerky, anyone? Other countries in the top 10 are Iceland, Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Sweden. Give a man ten dollars, and he will be happy for a meal. March 28, 2017 The Happiest Country in the World. The nation was surprisingly calm and positive during the 2007 economic crisis despite the banking crashes and other monetary losses. Norway jumped from fourth to first place as the world’s happiest country. The nation also has the most number of national parks, outdoor spaces, and hangouts for people to get together and host BBQ parties. The people of Netherlands are among the fittest and most active in the world. The ones making the headlines! We’re all looking for a little joy in the countries we travel to. Being the most beautiful and cheerful country on the earth. The Happiest Countries in the World 2017 Any idea which country is the best place to live in the world? The continent of Africa is counted as among the most aggressive and backward of places for all its natural beauty and cultural diversity. the gross domestic product or the financial condition of a country was the sole pointer of contentment. Required fields are marked *. I live in “the happiest country in the world”, yet I am deeply unhappy. Welfare and social security are the main reasons why Norway continues to dominate the list of the world's happiest countries. While Americans are getting sadder, people of Canada continue to uphold the spirit of positivity and harmony in the continent. 15 Craziest & Scariest Bridges In The World, Top 10 Largest Cities in the World of 2018, 10 Places That Will Pay You Just to Live There, World’s TOP 10 Most Spectacular Hotel Swimming Pools, The Most Beautiful Medieval Castle-Hotels In The World. Known for their liberal policies and religious tolerance, Canada ranks seventh in the list. The country is even endeavoring the cut off fossil fuel usage. The country is officially the happiest country in the world, according to a new report published by the United Nations, The Guardian reports. Earlier only the GDP i.e. The land famous for Van Gogh, tulips, and canals, Netherlands is a small but beautiful country, perhaps the warmest in the top six nations. America ranked third in the 2007 report fell to the 18th position. The financial growth, government support, eco-friendly policies and solid healthcare support make Denmark a dream destination to settle in. The World Happiness Report sees a top ten that might make you want to visit. The nation has excelled in all of the six categories set by UN to judge a country’s prosperity. So what actually decide if you are happy? By Christina Pére z. Those who care for me constantly receive threats from the nursing home and from the staffing agency that employs… Over the last 25 years, the country has experienced a steady decline in the socio-political policies and loss of public faith. Among the 156 nations that were surveyed for the report, Finland was ranked just after the “big four” because of its strong government policies and increased productivity in the industrial sector without compromising on the environment. It has a healthy balance of prosperity, social capital, gender equality, good health care and high GDP, also the incredible landscapes. The capital city of Revajik stands third on the list of happiest countries of the world. There are some interesting findings that we wanted to share with you guys. Have you ever researched the happiest countries in the world? But why, and has it always been like that? Also, the country has a powerful financial framework and political stability that boosts its growth. Sweden is among the five Nordic nations that have been a consistent part of the World Happiness Report. So which countries did we not see? NEW YORK // A chilly climate isn’t keeping Norway from basking in the glow of being named the world’s happiest country. The Main factors that affects happiness report are Caring, Freedom, Generosity, Honesty, Health, Income, Good Governance and many more. So how precisely do you compute the contentment of countries? There is also not a single nuclear arms station in New Zealand, primarily pays for everything with plastic, and allows for homosexual marriage. The people here are healthy with an average life expectancy of 81 years and have all the freedom to live and follow their beliefs. The results of this year’s World Happiness Report are in and we have a new country taking the top spot. The World Happiness Report is an annual report by the United Nations that shows a list of the happiest places in the world, a refreshing change that reaffirms our belief in the spirit of optimism and fraternity amidst all the negativity and violence. Denmark, Iceland, and Switzerland follow close behind and together these four countries create quite an example for the ideal utopia. It surged from fourth place in last year’s UN assessment all the way to the top spot, according to the World Happiness Report 2017 released on Monday. Denmark, Iceland, and Switzerland follow close behind and together these four countries create quite an example for the ideal utopia. The citizens of the nation are healthy, happy and have overall high life expectancy when compared to its neighboring countries. Norway displaced Denmark as the world’s happiest country in a new report released on Monday that called on nations to build social trust and equality to improve the wellbeing of their citizens. Norway has jumped from the 4th rank to being crowned the happiest country in the world by the UN in 2017. Perhaps you’ll be inclined to move to a new country, or perhaps you’ll take a moment to inspect your life and determine if you’re doing things that lead to happiness or unhappiness. Norway has jumped from the 4th rank to being crowned the happiest country in the world by the UN in 2017. Even superpowers like USA and China fail to make it to the top 10. Why is it that the most developed, wealthy countries are not happy? The country that brought us sweet, sweet pastry and Peter Schmeichel is well versed in customer satisfaction, and well worthy of its status as the happiest country... in the world. As per the report of 2017 Norway is the overall happiest country in the world, even though oil prices have dropped.