This is a pack of 5 nose High Quality O rings and a small sachet of Moly 33 for the 88 gram Co2 bottle. This is for looks only, it will not affect the power or accuracy. Photo show's our British made Spring and piercer in Stainless Steel for better flow. This is a single shot bolt-action rifle powered by one or two 12-gram Co2 bottles. When a call came in from Sportsmarketing that a new CO2 model was hitting the market, I was intrigued. Is it simply just a matter of a new tube (solely for more capcity) & appropriate endcap? For easy loading a pellet into the 78 it is better to point the gun... SMK QB/XS/TH 78/79 Modified Bolt Probe .22 HD Seals 6. Do not... SMK QB/XS/TH 78/79* .22/.177 Full modified seal set inc transfer port Ex Valve.. Full set of seals for the SMK QB/XS 78/79 .22 models including the modified tougher hi flow transfer port, and exhaust valve seal for the TR Robb Exhaust valve. They also come with... SMK Match .177 Modified Bolt Probe in Stainless Steel. Display: List / Grid. For the .177 SMK QB/XS/TH 78/79 models that have our tuning kit fitted, as the standard seal is different. Modified High Flow pellet probe in Stainless Steel for the SMK QB/XS/TH 78/79 models. 3. PTFE Washers for Spring gun. Note that the standard exhaust valve does... Longer bolt stud made of Stainless Steel for the thumb hole stock. He went out a few weeks ago and bought his lad a break barrel SMK ( SMK 15 I think ) but its useless . The 3 millimetre hole for the Exhaust Valve has been... SMK QB/XS/TH 78/79 Modified Brass Valve body and mod piercer body. They don't normally have trouble getting close to the legal limit of 12 ft lbs in .22 calibre. .22 calibre. SMK QB/XS/TH 78/79 Modified Bolt Probe .22 in Stainless Steel. Received the NEW SMK XS501 CO2 rifle on Monday, Honest opinion, not too shabby for the price £122.00. SMK Mould Inc.,Ltd Guangdong, China Phone: 0086-755-86229510 Fax : 0086-755-86229519 Email: SMK Mould Address Sales office: … Air Arms S300/S310/S410 Tuning Kit for UK and Export 6. SMK is a global parts manufacturer that specializes in development, production and sales of connectors, switches, plugs, jacks, remote control units, and touch panels. The 501 is not a toy and can cause serious injury or death if handled incorrectly. Co2 is in liquid form in the bottle so it will depend on the bottle as to whether you have to hold it upside down or upright to fill. You don't need to overthighten as it is a Nylock... SMK QB/XS/TH 78 Bulk fill adaptor & S.Steel cap for Co2 or even air. You can watch the video for free... SMK QB/XS/TH 78/79 2 X Ex Valve seals replacement for our mod exhaust valve. The .22 transfer port is on the left and the high flow transfer port is on the right. I can also supply an adjustable piercer if you want to use one/two/three or four 12 gram Co2 bottles. Welcome to “SMK Technical Information Downloading Site”. 4. DVD Strip down & fitting a tuning Kit Various models see options. I take a little lad from the village shooting on Saturdays and the rifle would be for him . This can cause a slight damage to the underside that can reduce the accuracy. The power of the standard gun in .22 is around 9.5 ft lbs to 10.5 ft lbs. There is a small screw at the front under the front domed plastic cap. Shooters and spectators should wear protective goggles. SMK XS QB TH 78/79 Rear Top Cap in Stainless Steel. Make sure that the front screw under the round cap is unscrewed or it may leak at the front. First is the SMK good airgun For ratting and plinking ? Also comes with... Steel Modified hammer/valve block for the SMK QB/XS 78/79 models made shorter to .600". Triggers should always be fitted or checked by a gunsmith when fitted by amateurs. 6. It helps to point the gun downward to help the pellet drop into the barrel. To fit you have to remove the front cap, grip the metal... SMK QB/XS/TH 78 Stainless Steel Front inner Body & SS Screw. Lighter trigger pressure spring. I have put the standard one next to our lighter spring for comparison. This reduces leakage past the valve shaft when the gun is fired. The XS501 is designed to accommodate two 12 gram CO2 cartridges or bulk filled CO2. If you only want to shoot a few pellets then you can use one Co2 bottle rather than two. SMK-Link Product Support 399 Knollwood Road, Suite #103 White Plains, NY 10603-1900 For Sales: (914) 461-9386 Inquiries: Product Support: (888) 696-3500 SMK XS501 Co2 Air Rifle Power Over 10ft Lb. Pellet probe seals 6 X Heavy Duty seals for the SMK QB/XS 78/79 models. It is wise... Professional Tuning Kit without the DVD. Having now had a few weeks to play with the XS501, as it’s called, I can report that I rather like it! 4. T R Robb Airgun Specialist | ie9+, 1. SMK QB/XS 78 Front Cap Stainless Steel inner body only with special heavy duty O ring and SS front screw changed to an Allen screw. When I bought my SMK XS501 I found it had quite a crack when fired so decided to moderate it but instead of buying one, I decided to try and make one.