Update: He keeps banging, even if i just walk past him he will bang on the wall. My sister is like that, and even when she gives someone a compliment, it always sounds like she's actually criticizing them and hinting that they don't quite measure up. im only horrible to her when she is horrible to me and she has NO respect for me at all. Il y a 9 années. Haha I know that's kind of funny but it used to hurt my feelings. She has a younger brother aged nine and a four-year-old sister too. Thanks :) Répondre Enregistrer. Why are some people so critical and negative? And when she makes it, and spends a lot of time making it, he refuses to eat his food, and only wants gross fast food. That saying about biting the hand that feeds you seems to be human nature. I have 0 friends and I'm a loner the only people I hang out with are my family. And my older brother is always being mean to me also. Misunterstand You girls just don't get along, your completely different and share no common ground other then been related, but that doesn't mean that you should hate each other, have a chat you'll surprised what you learn from her. Lv 7. You so mean! Pertinence . So, I'm 13, he's 10. Update 3: He makes a lot of lies. Since we came to the USA, (cause we lived in another country) my grandma has changed a lot! The only people that haven't made fun of me and meant it was my parents and older brother and sister. I don’t know that I was ever mean to her or intentionally did things to annoy her. Like, I don't know how my mom can stand it. I think she suffers from jealousy. He always complains about food, and when she buys him food, he is like, THIS SUCKS. 6) My younger sister by 21 months has bullied me almost all her life. Kimberly ... O.m.g I am so alike with my siblings I feel like we should be twins but they are younger than me I'm so sad sometimes they are annoying and funny I love my brother and sister they are just loyal to me ️ . She blamed me for making her look bad and she still seems to resent me. … My older sister lies to my mother and gets me in trouble in order for her not to get into trouble. I don't think its fair just because hes the younger one. Why is my younger brother so mean to me for no reason? Answer Save. I lived out of state for many years then moved back 20 years ago to help with mom. Fortunately she is not violent. She calls me trash and says my life is a joke. I am 59 and she is 56. He's punched me before, he flicks me off everyday, and he always calls me cuss words... Am I an easy target because I get bullied at school to! And when ever my brother tattles on me I get in trouble. dont take it to heart. well im 13 and shes 8. she can get away with almost anything she does. She's really thin and I'm more curvy so she used to always call me fat and the second I would walk into a room, she'd say, "Hi fat legs!!!" I remember one time her friend told me that my sister wished I had rabies and died. He keeps making loud noise, and he is pissed off, and he yells at me, and hurts my feelings for no reason. She is so evil and caniving! Instead, I would yell at him for doing stupid things, and sometimes when I'm at my worst mood I would critisize him and call him stupid. A parent wrote me with this question: My 14-year-old is always angry with her 11-year-old sister. Réponse préférée. Update 2: He always gets extremely angry at me for no reason. My younger sister, 10, is always so mean to me. Yesterday, she ALSO started her childish drama about something DUMB. I told my mom and she said to stop being a tattle tale. She is 5 years older than me, and literally goes out her way to make my life a misery. And again got mad at me. Relevance? She claims that she isn’t mean, but I’ve had to have my mother, and sister reprimand her many, many times. So here I am to get responses as to why, and for you guys to critisize me so I can get my head straight. Seriously just dumb. The more you help and enable people the more they seem to resent you. No, my own mother and father are baffled by her attitude. the10phases. It started when she was about 10 years old. My brother is 4 years younger than me, and I really do love him. So the question is why are you allowing this sibling rivalry to define your independent life? I have a 12 year old daughter who is terrible to her younger brother and sister: putting them down, humiliating them around friends, and making fun of everything from their voice to their clothes… She is also rude with me. My younger sister never invites me to her house, but visits me three or four times a year.Without fail, during each visit, she will deliver me one verbal knockout blow.The things she … My parents say even when I was a baby she acted extremely mean to me. Why is my younger brother so mean to me? But, this is about why he is mean to ME! Anyway, now it's escalated even worse. So I'm 16 (17 in a month) and my sister is 14. 3 Answers. i know my brother and my older sister (i am a guy ) also faught with me and so on. I know I will get answers like 'She loves you really'. I've contemplated it several times but no one knows. I am an 11 year old boy and my sister is 8 years old and she use to be a sweet little girl, but now she bully's me. But it's my younger sis who's just making me want to kill myself. She doesn't do this to anyone else. Answer (1 of 32): My younger brother always getting away for being mean to me. My mother blames my sister for everything and dumps on her but not so much on me. He's such a brat and always comlains to my mother about everything! How can I stick up for my self when he's bigger than me? Also, when they do hear her all they do is say her name in a stern voice and glare at her. It's just driving me crazy. 8 réponses. Ever since we were little, she's been SO mean to me. When her friend is around she ignores me and they talk over me when I'm trying to join in our their conversation or talk to them. And she stomps off. she's also nasty to our mum. I'm 14 and I know sisters are meant to argue and stuff but she just takes it to a whole new level. when where watching T.V she always watches what she wants. But you just have to get used to them being who they are. She acts embarrassed of me and then acts as if I'm stupid and she's smarter than me. Her little sister is the focus of her wrath. A perfect sister, the best of your friends, the person that understands you perfectly is your sister, so make the most of her. For example, she constantly swears at me but my parents do not punish her as they claim they didn't hear it??? I've only watched like,two shows and your probably going to watch The Walking Dead of Criminal Minds because YOU HATE ME!" And she gets everyone to do it. My younger sister is 18 i'm 23 and for the longest time she's been really mean to me. She also loves to sneak through my things, and get me in trouble for her laughs. We got a lot of snow today and he through ice at my face. Then add dementia to the mix. She refuses to keep in touch or to talk with me. But I don't show him that I love him. yes i hated it and all the usual, but when it comes to my younger sister i guess i do the same unfortuantly for her she is the youngest so she has no one to do it on. I try not to let it get to me, because I know that's just the way she is, … My Sister was so mean She is older then me but she makes dinner . I try my hardest to be nice to her but she just rejects me. I always call her my little cutie and serve her food and buy her candy but now that she grew up shes mean and always taking advantage of my stuff and calling me a jerk :( can anyone tell me why… My eldest daughter is 11. she always calls me and idiot, fat ugly and stuff like that. well i can tell you as i am the middle child that what comes around goes around. So since me and my sister were coloring on the floor with some pillows my grandma said, "PUT THOSE PILLOWS ON YOUR BED" And I told her, that I cleaned the floor. My sister was younger than me and always jealous of my good grades and behaviour that did not annoy or worry our parents.