This person must have a clear speaking voice, as they will have to communicate back and forth to customers through a loudspeaker. Each tier of the Food Recovery Hierarchy focuses on different management strategies for your wasted food. On top of seeing new arenas and making pillow forts in the hotel room, there's also the opportunity to try out new restaurants and/or eat copious amounts of fast food… The best way to deal with this effectively is to have employees dedicated to one job in each section of the operation. Normally, a shift manager earns $1 to $3 more per hour than a front-line employee. The nature of fast-food jobs can vary significantly based on the size of a particular store, the scope of the workforce and the strategy of the business. Dane Rivera ranks the best (and worst) in the game. Front-line employees sometimes run to the back to fill drinks, grab side dishes or bring an order to the counter. What Are Some Restaurant Job Shift Leader Skills? In some companies, employees fill broad roles and complete an array of duties. Source: Onah, F. O. It’s the little elegant touches like keeping flecks of skin on the end of the fry that make you forget the fact that you just paid $3.99 for a day’s worth of calories. This behaviour is explained from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a psychology theory proposed by Abraham Maslow in his paper “A Theory of Human Motivation” written in 1943. Typically, though, most fast-food positions fit into four general categories -- customer service, food preparation, shift management and general management. They set the standards for the various operations of the restaurant. Those with more experience often take over drive-thru responsibilities. However, others consider cook and service associate equivalent positions and place you based on skills and interests. Front-line associates also handle ringing up orders in the register. The ability to make consumers take action is a main competitive edge any marketer should offer, and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a good place to start. (B) Personal control. Consult the easy-to-read charts below to learn how to cook and store your food the right way. Many service reps work front registers. Fast food is the opposite of the counterculture; it’s the most mainstream thing imaginable. Enugu: John Jacob’s Classic Publisher Ltd Physiological Needs Need for food, water, shelter, clothing, comfort, rest or sleep, reproduction or procreation For instance, if you sell burgers, these employees will cook or reheat the patties, split buns, put lettuce, tomato, cheese, and other condiments on each sandwich, wrap it up, and place it with the right customer order. Whether the title is customer-service associate, cashier or service rep, the primary function in this position is to take customer orders and ensure they are filled. At FastFries, a fast food restaurant, rules are published in all employee areas, explaining expectations regarding arrival time, lunch breaks, when to take shorter breaks, and when to socialize. Properly storing foods preserves food quality and prevents both spoilage and food poisoning. ... Additionally, the message of popular fast food chains such as McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell and Wendy’s successfully appeals to our innate need for food. Social class differences in food consumption refers to how the quantity and quality of food varies according to a person's social status or position in the social hierarchy.Various disciplines, including social, psychological, nutritional, and public health sciences, have examined this topic. At the highest tier of the employee chain is the general manager, who is directly responsible for overseeing the entire restaurant operation.