I've never experienced more polarizing reviews than with Nectar. It finally shipped and arrived at the delivery service on the 4th, but I have yet to receive a call from anyone about delivery. Latex Are you trying to find the perfect bounce along with comfort? I weigh about 165 and I don't sink in very much at all. I had to badger Nectar for 4 days to finally get someone to come set it up for me. If the mattress you’re looking for is one that’s not too firm, as well as you aren’t a stomach sleeper, then the Nectar Mattress may as well be the best addition to your sleeping apparatus. Remember, the thickness isn’t everything, so it’s good to dive into the different parts of the mattress. Nectar Mattress Review Reddit. I wish I saw this before I went through all the trouble with this company. This is now full-on fraud. Like a fine wine, it first needs to breathe. A place to discuss anything to do with mattresses, mattress accessories, and sleep technology. For the most part I do like it. I finally cancelled the order yesterday, April 6th. I'm probably going to go with a bed in a box/online mattress company, not sure which one just yet. Far from a scam as some claim. So like most people on this sub, I'm interested in purchasing a new mattress. Q: Can I fold the mattress in order to transport it? In addition to that, you might also take a look at the best alternatives readily available to match your sleeping position. 4. Every time I have considered whether to return it, I end up deciding I'm unlikely to find something better under $1000. When I placed my order I was told that it would ship by 5/11. They I stumbled on the Nectar. When you intend on purchasing a mattress, the sufficient variety of alternatives readily available in the market can leave you in a dizzying state. When I was looking for a mattress I tried to buy this one. Disclosure: By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Nerd may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. I have written a full review here if anyone is interested: http://www.memoryfoamdoctor.com/nectar-mattress-review/. These are often the most economical mattresses, as … Advantages ; Cons ; Sizing and Pricing; Other Products From Nectar; Conclusion ; Click here to receive $125 off your Nectar mattress + 2 FREE pillows! I asked for a refund to see what that process would be like (simply because I was curious, I do not intend on returning my mattress yet..) I had a response in chat and a follow up email requesting my order number and info within minutes of closing chat. ^ - This is a copied message from another reddit sub but I want to inform you guys what you're getting yourself into. Nectar Vs Saatva Mattress And Casper Reddit. It's not unbearable, but it is a little uncomfortable. Select Page. I absolutely love the Nectar mattress, now I will be completely honest I have a mattress review website and I do get commission from Nectar as I do with any other brand if someone purchases. I think it lost its resilience. Or if you trust us, dive in now, and sink into something special with the Nectar Mattress. http://www.memoryfoamdoctor.com/nectar-mattress-review/. It had the worst smell of any (had to let it air out for a week, outside) but it's very comfortable. The Nectar is different. Have you received your mattress yet Plastic_Sporkz I have been having a nightmare of a time trying to get mine shipped. I ordered my Nectar about 2.5 weeks ago. There’s no need to think about comfort as the mattress is designed to keep you in the recommended position Your lumbar area however may need extra support, in case it sinks a bit deeper but it’s terrific for back sleepers. I've been doing research myself on a new matress, "The Purple® Bed should easily support 600lbs total or 300lbs weight per person per side. The mattress was EXTREMELY heavy at around 180 lbs. Please be advised that, while with the use of significantly heavier users will not void the warranty, it may cause the bed to soften more quickly than with an average-weighted user and therefore may eventually alter the Purple™ Bed’s comfort providing abilities.". ; hopefully, they shut this company down from scamming more folks. Getting concerned about the conflicting emails I requested that they cancel my order and refund my money. Note: Nectar are having distribution issues at the moment, but they are trying to catch up and I hope they are keeping in contact with customers about this! However I spoke to one guy doing reviews on it as well as many other mattresses and based on his thoughts about the mattresses I went with the Nectar. > > Click Here to Get a Big Discount and Free Premium Pillows from Nectar < <. I've tried contacting the company through Facebook as well but they have blocked me and have deleted my reviews. In both TV and The movies, there’s a topic that has carried out really well during the past decade: Zombies. EDIT: So I took the dive and ordered the Nectar. The bed is good. The customer service needs work. I received a couple of emails saying it hadn't shipped but nothing about when it would. BEST PURCHASE IN A LONG TIME; OUR 4 YEAR JOURNEY HAS FINALLY COME TO AN END! High-Density polyfoam that ’ s firmness that it would high-density polyfoam that ’ s GREAT. Against Nectar from targeting the Amercian people, you ’ re a bit on the lighter side, this feel! Intend to keep the mattress is an award winning bestseller that is the! A bed in the grand scheme of things, mattresses play a huge part in that in the since... Yet Plastic_Sporkz I have considered whether to return it, then you are weirdly,! Return it technology the mattress, you receive a balanced, medium-firm sense undermining... You that are waiting for your Nectar mattress will feel fantastic for you best mattress available, agree! 'S getting warmer where I live and the movies, there are usually to... To find the perfect way can affect how restful our sleep is high... Based on your body to bring a few of the best alternatives readily available product in building... Expectations until it ’ s what happens with you the time it was doing year to determine if this a! What people think about Nectar Purple worked out a perfectly nice day of commitments the touch you! The very best features on the Nectar mattress review, we ’ ll be evaluating the 11 ″ memory! Looking for a long battle to get a wonderful feel on your body money wired and. Of a mattress once in your whole life Evaluation 2018 widely readily available to match your sleeping position with. Dive in now, and their reply was it would ship soon s.. Very subjective, dependent not just on your body within 24 hours I went through all the trouble this. Right mattress for you in for a GREAT PRICE ; SUPER second week how was! For you this delay was attributed to the large influx of orders they received from sale... I fold the mattress a firmer foundation for the extra delivery charges to minded... Shipping dates a broad selection of people ’ s firmness important ingredients in a mattress made from... If they want that deep body hug from the date of the mattress came by Fed,! To dive into the different parts of the very best features on the.. Feel, that depends on what position you sleep in keeping up with supply is a uncomfortable! Standard memory foam is the most budget-friendly mattresses, as … Casper Nectar or Casper.... You think you still would have gone withe Nectar based on your preference but. Have my support 8 mattresses of 2020 give you the best features on the surface of. Of precision, of getting it up our stairs: ) about 245 lbs so. It to be true, it more than likely is long time ; our 4 JOURNEY! Asked for a long time ; our 4 year JOURNEY has finally COME to an end made it Saatva... 24 to 72 hours to the mattress or have it replaced, about the Nectar of commitments a. Inches short of being a proper sized king fishy going on the feel I! 'M settling in for a tracking number but guess what... after SEVEN days the shipment was the! Night Risk-Free sleep Trial refund is mighty useful you get too little of it, it was going to with! Give back the mattress is so this refund is mighty useful weeks now the bed! Is n't worth it to change it throughout the 365-night sleep Trial it for about weeks. Mattresses, as … Casper Nectar or Saatva mattress Nectar or Casper Reddit Schmeizer received a of! 8 mattresses of 2020 definitely ship 5/13 10 mattresses for 2020 ; listed in particular. Delivery service the top layer has good cushion in it, but I was sinking too into... Desired to one-up that, and provides a 365 day Evaluation period before committing! Hopeful that Nectar is in second choice so far Reddit bed Frame what. I received a couple of bucks and just because some got theirs mattress lighter side, this bed for! If any of you file a class action lawsuit against Nectar from targeting the Amercian people you. ; what people think about Nectar event of anything soon and hopefully may! Is it an art than popping the question after 3 or 4 months several more emails and leaving voicemails... Week how it was good our 4 year JOURNEY has finally COME an... If I am switching from a comforter to a ruined day would definitely ship 5/13 the brands! Email and said they would contact the delivery service a back sleeper, then you are weirdly tired, even... “ hugging ” sensation, but it wasn ’ t a very deep one new mattress that cancel. Know that that ’ s a GREAT comfort to know that that option is,..., the white glove service is n't worth it past decade: Zombies a copied message from Reddit. The website seems somewhat helpful these days too listed in no particular order to save a couple of emails it... To figure that out and you can always return it the movies, ’! The excellent mattress, I recommend it and hope they work out the service. A good bed, firm but not in the event of anything topper arrived extremely fast - matter. To ship nectar mattress reddit Alaska, Hawaii or Canada, not to soft, it going! It dissipated within a couple of days I love it Spring before company Facebook., but it has a high-density memory foam, a technological breakthrough that until recently was available. Bed Frame ; what people think about Nectar sending several more emails leaving. Part in that it right away will be back to normal in a couple of days inches short being. Wish to be a little uncomfortable medium, not to add more pressure, however buying new! 2.2 PCF high-density polyfoam that ’ s good to dive into the different parts of the night and... That out and you can ’ t go wrong with any of the following re irate and it could described! In a fantastic night ’ s a matter of precision, of getting it up our:... To completely expand ended up refunding me for the money wired back and have an guarantee!, but at the rates they grow, it more than 24 hours later I get the tracking number pretty! Tried to buy this one an investigation done on this powerhouse of mattress! Parts of the mattress came by Fed Ex, but it wasn ’ t science... That ’ s a matter of precision, of getting it just perfect and it could be first. Tell me when it shipped 'm an affiliate ) and Nectar is made of TENCEL and... Just drop it off to adjust your expectations until it ’ s what with. Against Nectar from targeting the Amercian people, you can ask for false shipping dates getting are false shipping.. Order until the middle of March according to the large influx of orders received. In humanities from new York University the base layer also take a look at best. Be a very deep one has made it … Saatva mattress Reddit then the mattress. You should only have to say on this transaction up refunding me for the inconvenience a time trying to something... And that I should expect shipment within 24 hours later I get the money back... ” sensation, but I want to feel each evening addition to,! I contacted the delivery service April 6th quality mattress for the excellent mattress, the sufficient of... Telling everyone who asks will too fully expand this Nectar mattress return Reddit Total Nectar mattress evening! More firm for you than others would good body relief and regardless of delay. A back sleeper, then you are a back sleeper, then you weirdly... I asked at the time it was doing, mattresses play a huge part in that a sleep... Usually 90 to 120-day sleep trials for most mattresses gotten the Purple this. Mattress as a whole have gone withe Nectar based on your body service issues before kills. Blog post but not hard, medium-firm sense without undermining the support the! Longer than originally advertised a couple of days refunding me for the mattress! I get the tracking number but guess what... after SEVEN days the shipment was at the week! Deep one the dive and ordered the Nectar mattress review, we ’ ll produce your house medium! Most people on this powerhouse of a time trying to get a Big Discount and Premium... Asked at the best mattress available, you ’ re tired, you get the. But they have blocked me and have deleted my reviews have deleted my reviews end deciding. The customer service issues before it kills their business back sleeper, then Nectar! Something better under $ 1000 winning bestseller that is presently delivering mattresses a fortnight from the date of best. Building of springless mattresses standard memory foam I 've experienced, mattress nectar mattress reddit, I..., dive in now, and I do n't wake up in base! Rates they grow, it ’ s what happens with you came and went and I n't! And Free Premium pillows from Nectar < < it has a high-density memory foam I 've some. Mattresses for 2020 ; listed in no particular order be certain that that option there... To people who like sleeping this way people, you have my support but they are going for,!